About Liwa Petroleum

Liwa Petroleum Marketing Est. is a leader in the trade, marketing, storage and distribution of oil and petrochemical products in the international market. It was established in 1990 and operates under the ambit of the Ghantoot Group.

Liwa Petroleum Marketing Est. offers shipping services and support and consultancy services for on and offshore oil and gas fields, commercial agencies and company representatives.

The company's competitive edge comes from its global reach and capabilities. Liwa Petroleum Marketing Est. fields a network of agents, clients and facilities that allows for rapid response to market needs, and offers the necessary capacity to handle large projects.

The company has an established network of trading agents in Pakistan covering Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka; South Africa, covering sub-Sahara countries; Italy covering Southern Europe and North Africa; and Uzbekistan, covering Central Asian Republics. This network is also geared towards rapid expansion to meet future market needs in in shipping, ocean transportation and oil storage.

Liwa Petroleum Marketing Est. is also distinguished by virtue of its own port, situated in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi. The port is geared towards industrial development, and allows the company to play a key role in hosting international, regional and local businesses wanting the best facilities combined with cheaper overheads and the ability to operate offshore. The organization's expertise, international reach, and excellent facilities offers its partners unmatched value.